23 Signs You’ve Got A Toxic Friend

Got me thinking on the Monday Morning. Why do we let this happen?

Thought Catalog

1. You find yourself keeping good news from them because they always somehow manage to make you feel undeserving of whatever good fortune comes your way.

2. They trash-talk the people who are most important to you. “Is it just me or are your parents beginning to look really… old? I mean like, ancient.”

3. You would rather eat glass than leave their touchy-feely ass alone with your significant other.

4. Seeing their name appear on your phone puts the fear of god in your heart.

5. They’re never at fault for anything. They hurt you and then pretend that they had “no idea” what they did was going to make you upset. “If I had known it was a big deal, I would have never slept with your husband!” Yeah, OK.

6. You’re made to feel guilty for any and everything you have that they don’t, even if…

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